27 juin 2015

Old links between: Crete, Korea and Okinawa in Japan?

Old links between: Crete, Korea and Okinawa in Japan?

From the theory to the practice!

I think when you look at the image that sticks parfetement one over the other, allors is no longer a theory ..!
Par Dardan Leka: Map of Atlantis ?

Old links between: Crete, Korea and Okinawa in Japan?

Technology today allows us to be confirmed a previously suspected theory, like those papillary lines of fingers get stuck on paper and then krahasojmi with others and they will show us exactly our identity, so has the the illustration Simple shows us the true identity of this drawing that what he presents illustration found on Etruscan centerpiece 200 years ago, with one click on Google Earth, within five minutes, as soon as we perceive this image on terrestrial globe (superposer) when the surface of the soil immediately view from the top of Google Earth, there will clearly look for, we will see with our eyes these traces from this simple drawing that we have derived from this centerpiece Etruscan and direct spot at will visually see that this image will fit his country down there on earth over the globe relief is the northern hemisphere, as if it were yesterday drawn especially for this day, for today's generation?
How could it?

And after that we have closing this test as an analysis in a laboratory bëjmi this image so has the egg-Etruscan who worked before 2620 years ago, and when vertetojmi that drawing will exactly match the one that captures the incredible length length with a perimeter around 18,000 kilometers!
And then, when we see with our eyes this extraordinary phenomenon that will appear before us and not remain surprised?

All previous theories that have had in mind for decades until now, these then you seem rolled one over the other and collapse on the spot, before this simple illustration that size!
That all previous theories have had in mind for the decade Until now, poke one said you sem rolled over The Other and collapse on the spot, this simple illustration Before That size!
My theory is very simple, as simple is the design that is even remarked to him on the Etruscan vase Tragiatella (Capitoline Museum, Rome) by inteligence inconue, called the lost civilizations? *
It is very difficult to convenquer the mond that this simple drawing is a map view of Geographical ciele (as faisont au'jourd'hui earthe on google) shown in this vase there may be more than 14,000 or more than 40,000 at earlier years?
Who little soutenire this theory of the category of scence- fiction?
Evidament that it is difficult to tell soutenire of theories but does not need besser arms and ignored as do most of my girlfriend here on fb, by their judgment sometimes their negative reactions are utterly silent and yet I their forgive..

..here below other source
which confirms the possibility of this ancient Mediterranean-conection between Japan and Kore !
Thank you!
Par: Gretchen E. Leonhardt
Updated on July 01, 2013

Linguists generally dismiss language correlations among societies unless there is demonstrated non-random genetic affinity [“Genetic Distance”] through one or more DNA markers, which identify ancestral clans. Consequently, despite the language similarity, linguists dismiss Japanese as the underlying language of LinA because the DNA research, as typified in the haplo-group maps, seemingly does not support a correlation. However, research results often indicate larger groups and do not compare two isolated island-societies that are a half world apart. Nevertheless, although mounting interdisciplinary evidence overwhelmingly supports the correlation between these societies, linguists will not be satisfied until a non-random genetic link has been established. This research endeavors to establish the “missing genetic link” between the Okinawans (and, by association, the Japanese) and the Minoans that historical linguists require.




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